Letter: Stop sign needed on Elmer Road

To the Editor:

I have four children who play on this street along with many other children who live in this neighborhood and I have to yell at cars as they fly up my street going in excess of 50 m.p.h.

Myself and many other residents of Elmer Roadhave been trying to get a stop sign for months. Our many contacts to the Boston Transportation Department seem to fall on deaf ears and we keep getting the same response: that Elmer Road does not meet the required guidelines to warrant a stop sign at any intersection and that a speed study was done on the street and they found the average speed to be considered adequate.

They tell us that stop signs are not used to control speed but to control traffic on and off of streets. Yet there are many intersections in our immediate neighborhood which have stop signs at similar locations. Now Minot and Westmoreland both run parallel to Elmer Road and they both have stop signs, yet no one in the transportation department can tell us who approved any of these signs or why they were put up, only that Elmer Road does not meet the requirements.

My only concern is for the safety of my children and the safety of all the other residents of Elmer Road and the surrounding streets.

I hope that this can reach someone that can assist us in this matter, as I feel that it is just a matter of time before there is a tragic accident that will then force their hand to install this sign. I really hope we can prevent this from becoming the case thank you in advance.
Timothy M. Devlin
Elmer Road