Convicted sex trafficker gets new sentence for trying to silence woman he exposed himself to by threatening her with deportation

A Mattapan man on parole after serving an eight-year federal sentence for sex trafficking a minor was sentenced to 33 more months behind bars last week for witness intimidation, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Mark Pinnock, 32, was working as an Amazon driver in July, 2022, when he exposed himself to a woman working as a cleaner at a Brockton condo complex.

She reported the incident to Brockton police and the following month, federal probation officials went to court to seek his reimprisonment for violating his parole, according to a court filings. A federal magistrate judge agreed he had violated parole, but instead of ordering him back to prison, ordered him released to home confinement.

Then, according to the filing, a sentencing recommendation by the US Attorney's office:

"On October 28, 2022, one week before his revocation hearing and while confined to his residence, Pinnock directed another individual, co-conspirator 1 to go to the Brockton condominium at a time when he knew that the victim would be working. Pinnock's co-conspirator falsely told another individual working at the condominium complex that he worked for the state. The co-conspirator then confronted that individual and the victim with a cell phone in his hand. Id. A Spanish speaker on the phone directed both the victim and that individual not to go to court. The co-conspirator reportedly stood with his hand in his pocket in a threatening manner, as if he had something in it.

"On November 1, 2022, while confined to his residence, Pinnock used an encrypted messaging application to send an anonymous text message to a security officer working at the Brockton condominium. The text message said to "let the cleaning lady know" that she would be arrested by ICE if she went to court. Id. Additionally on November 1 and 2, 2022 Pinnock made three calls to the ICE tipline in an attempt to have the victim removed from the United States in order to prevent her from testifying in his revocation matter. Among other things, Pinnock noted he heard the victim was gang affiliated."

Judge Nathaniel Gorton's sentence was the one recommended by prosecutors, who wrote:

"When he was released from prison, he got a job as an Amazon driver. But then while on the job, he chose to sexually victimize a woman who worked as a custodian at a condominium complex - because he thought he could do so without consequence. Instead of seeking treatment or accepting any responsibility whatsoever, he doubled down when he got caught. Through his own actions and that of his co-conspirator's, he attempted to ensure that the victim not appear in Court at his final supervised release revocation."



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