Three charged with killing man at Mattapan party; six others face lesser charges

Three people who got into an argument with Chaz Burton at a Mattapan party in March began punching him and when that wasn't enough, pulled wooden stakes out of the ground with which to beat him before one of them took out a gun and shot Burton in the stomach twice, Suffolk County prosecutors charge.

Benjamin Tate, 23, who lists addresses in both Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, and Abdullah Yasin, 23, of Jamaica Plain, were arraigned today in Suffolk Superior Court on murder charges, following their indictment yesterday by a Suffolk County grand jury. Fabian Llano, 26, of Lynn, was also indicted on a murder charge but remains at large, the Suffolk County DA's office reports.

Six other people were also indicted on various charges related to the fatal fight, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and lying to investigators. They include three of Tate's cousins and his uncle.

Tate and Yasin were ordered held without bail, the DA's office says. It provided this account:

"[Assistant District Attorney Tara] Burdman told the court that Burton attended a party at 227 River Street during the early morning hours of March 27. He became involved in a verbal exchange with Benjamin Tate and Stephon Tate before leaving the party with a group of acquaintances. Once outside, however, the group encountered Benjamin Tate and Stephon Tate once again and a physical altercation ensued. Other members of the defendants’ party became involved in the melee, some of whom pulled wooden stakes from the ground and used them as weapons, Burdman said.

"During the altercation, Benjamin Tate fought with an acquaintance of Burton, punching him in the eye and causing an injury that required surgery, Burdman said.

"The victim fled into the building where the party was held and became trapped by the group in a hallway. As the beating continued, Burton was shot twice in the torso and died of his injuries."



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