Dot man indicted in Adams Corner death

A 24 year-old Dorchester man will be charged with manslaughter for causing the death of a 44 year-old Quincy man during an altercation in Adams Corner last April. Brian Hingston died from injuries he suffered when he was punched— allegedly by Bryan McElhinney. Both men were part of a group celebrating a friend’s birthday party when a fist-fight broke out between two party-goers in Adams Village.

Investigators say that neither Hingston or McElhinney were the main combatants in the initial fight, but that McElhinney joined in and struck another man. When Hingston tried to intervene, police say that he was struck in the face by McElhinney. Hingston hit his head on the ground and never regained consciousness.

McElhinney is scheduled to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on July 8.



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