Dorchester, Ashmont Tire companies combine services

Two longtime Dorchester tire businesses have formed an alliance this summer.

Dorchester Tire Service and Ashmont Tire are now being managed by a single entity, according to Gary Saks of Dorchester Tire Service, based at 1160 Dorchester Ave. The move comes after the Ashmont Tire property— located near the MBTA station of the same name— has been acquired by Trinity Financial, Inc. to become part of a new mixed-use development.

However, Ashmont Tire remains open as the details of the development are planned.

"As we combine our store efforts, we are able to capitalize on purchasing power, resulting in additional services and improved values for the dedicated customers of both businesses," said Saks. Dorchester Tire Service, he noted, is Boston's local Tire Pros dealer and will offer oil changes, state inspections and free shuttle service. It has been in business since 1962.



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