Osherow on road to recovery

Dorchester real estate agent Kenneth Osherow is already back at work in a limited capacity and recovering well after his partner of five years, Ceslo Cruz, inexplicably attacked him at his second home in Bartlett, N.H. Jan. 17.

Cruz allegedly broke both of Osherow's wrists and stabbed him several times in the back and abdomen. Police interrupted the altercation early that Saturday morning in the basement of Osherow's house. Cruz was charged with attempted murder.

"They think I should make a full recovery," said Osherow in an interview last week. "I personally think I should better in a week, but they say a couple months."

Osherow said he could not fathom why Cruz attacked him.

"Something really, really bad happened to him emotionally and mentally," he said. "Nobody can figure out what happened to him. It was a tremendous loss to me personally on many levels. He was one of the most considerate, kindest people I have known."

Osherow predicted he'd be back at work within a couple weeks.


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