Man convicted of murdering, dismembering father in 2006

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Brian Lee, 45, first-degree murder for the 2006 death of his father, Edward Lee, in his Mattapan home, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Judge John Cratsley quickly pronounced the mandatory sentence of life in state prison without possibility of parole for Lee, who represented himself.

Prosecutors say the elder Lee obtained a restraining order against his son on Oct. 25, 2006 and that his son murdered him sometime between then and Oct. 27.

Prosecutors said Lee beat his father to death in his father's home on Hollingsworth Street in Mattapan, then decapitated him and cut off his limbs with a power saw. He put the parts in white bags, which he drove to Homestead Street in Roxbury, where he dumped them in the back yard of a resident for whom he once did work, prosecutors said.

The owner of the Homestead Street home and her daughter discovered the bags; they looked inside and found "the dismembered limbs and decapitated head of Edward Lee," the DA's office says.

"Three years later, we know what happened to Edward Lee, Jr.," District Attorney Dan Conley said in a statement. "But we will never understand why. It was and remains inexplicable. Our hearts go out to the rest of the Lee family, who must struggle every day with the tragedy that befell their family."



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