Kenneally is raising funds, mulling run for at-Large seat; Rest of the council-hopeful field is still shaping up

Andrew Kenneally: "Decision next month."Andrew Kenneally: "Decision next month."Andrew Kenneally, a former staffer for City Councillor Michael Flaherty, said he hasn't decided whether he will run for the Council at-Large seat his old boss is likely to vacate just yet, but he's fundraising anyway.

"I'm probably going to make a decision next month," he said. "I'm just trying to see what's out there in terms of raising cash and it's looking pretty good."

Kenneally has deposited $4,400 in his account, according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, but said he is likely to reach $10,000 by the time this paper is printed.

Jamaica Plain's Felix G. Arroyo is the leading fundraiser among the challengers so far, with over $13,000. His first fundraising event - for Three Kings Day - is Jan. 10 at Mojitos nightclub downtown.

"We're excited about the support we've gotten so far," said Arroyo from a cell phone in Puerto Rico, where he's visiting family this week. "We're looking forward to starting this year strong and starting the '09 season with some strong grassroots organizing."

Arroyo and Kenneally will have an advantage in fundraising over newcomers to the race. Massachusetts campaign financing laws allow only one $500 donation per person, per year, meaning candidates who began raising funds last year have the ability to hit up their most loyal supporters twice.

Other candidates who already have accounts are Doug Bennett, Jean-Claude Sanon and Marty Hogan. Transportation advocate Bob Terrell has also said he's in. The rumor-wire still has public health advocate April Taylor seriously considering a run, although she did not immediately return a phone call for this article.

Scotland Willis, an independent management consultant who returned to his native Boston last year has also thrown his hat in the ring.

"I want to get more public input in the political process," he told the Reporter Tuesday. "We've forgotten to maintain control of our political process and I'm deeply concerned about that."

Willis was recently noted by the Universal Hub website for placing a Craigslist ad for campaign volunteers.

According to the ad, Willis's top priorities for the city are: education, job creation, public safety and sustainability. Volunteers can fill 71 different positions on Willis staff if they so choose, including campaign manager, youth vote director, or Jewish vote director/advisor on Mid-East policy.



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