Courthouse roundup: Charged with biting a police officer

An Intervale Street man and his girlfriend were in Dorchester District Court this week adding to the list of police reports on the two of them. Both were arraigned on charges of assault and battery and one for biting a police officer.

Tyrone Silcott, 37, of 159 Intervale St., pleaded not guilty to the charges. Silcott's court-appointed attorney, Jeffrey Clifford, said his client is disabled, with six children, including three with the victim.

A separate case is pending with him as the victim, Clifford said. She had come home drunk and tried to throw him out, Clifford said, adding that his client said she had a black eye when she came home.

It appears to be a case of "mutual combat," Clifford said.

Judge James Coffey set bail for Silcott at $5,000, and revoked bail on an open case in Dorchester District Court. Silcott, who also got a one-year restraining order imposed on him, is due back in court Feb. 22.

Police responded shortly after 11 p.m. on Monday night to the Intervale residence, getting met outside by the suspect, who said his girlfriend, the alleged victim, had been drinking.

Police went upstairs to talk to the alleged victim, who was crying and initially reluctant before saying, "Look at my face," according to the police report. Officers saw she had swelling in the left eye and slight bruising, according to the report.

During booking, Silcott, while being uncuffed, allegedly grabbed an officer's right arm and bit him, according to the police report. Silcott was taken down with no further injuries to officer or himself.

Prosecutors said there were 10 police reports between the two of them, with the defendant having a six-page record.

Suffolk jury deadlocks on Blue Hill Ave. case

A re-trial appears likely after a Suffolk Superior Court jury this week deadlocked again in the case of a four-year-old Blue Hill Avenue murder.

Superior Court Judge Thomas Connolly declared a mistrial after the jury said it was deadlocked following six days of deliberations and six days of testimony in the case of Anthony Davis. The 25-year-old is charged with the murder of 24-year-old Barcelone Luc in March 2004.

The murder allegedly stemmed from an argument at a restaurant close by, Joseph's Pizza, near the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and Landor Road.

The jury declared itself deadlocked on Monday.

A re-trial is expected "at the earliest opportunity," according to the Suffolk District Attorney's office.

Mt. Everett St. man calls in abuse, gets arrested

He allegedly tried to stab her. He says she was destroying the house and hitting him.

A Mt. Everett Street man was in Dorchester District Court on Tuesday, arraigned on charges on an assault and battery charge.

Carlos Bousted, 20, of 44 Mt. Everett St., pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was due to show up in court on Christmas Eve day, but didn't because he was confused about the date, his court-appointed attorney said.

Attorney Jeffrey Clifford said Bousted didn't realize what he was signing when police let him go.

"He clearly didn't read everything he signed,' Clifford told the court.

Judge James Coffey was skeptical, noting, "He defaults a lot."

Coffey set bail at $150, ordering Bousted back to court on March 27.

Clifford said Bousted has three children, one with the victim. He said the defendant has been living at the current address for four months and works as a manager at a self-storage company.

Police responded to Bousted's call on Dec. 22 shortly after 10 p.m., with the girlfriend running towards the front door with no top on. She was crying hysterically and told officers that Bousted told her, "I just want to stab you," according to the police report.

She said she was about to get into the shower and he slammed her head into the ground.

For his part, Bousted told officers he was on the phone and she had become enraged, thinking he was cheating. She then started destroying the house overturning the Christmas tree and scattering clothes all over the living room and bedroom floor, according to the report.

Bousted said he called police but she grabbed the phone, and broke him. In a struggle, he charged that she bit him in the back.

Dorchester man indicted in pizza shop shooting

A Dorchester man was indicted last week on four counts in the shooting at a Norfolk Street pizza store.

Gary Johnson, 18, was charged with first degree murder, armed robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and the unlawful possession of ammunition.

Johnson is charged with shooting and killing Mumin Manavoglu, 45, of Stalex Pizza, on a November morning.

Johnson allegedly demanded money from Manavoglu and received $60 before fleeing the store. The victim then followed Johnson outside before Johnson turned around and fired his gun, hitting Manavoglu in the head, according to Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley's office.

Police spotted Johnson and finally caught him in a tool shed by Woodrow Avenue.

Manavoglu died on Nov. 2, the same day Johnson was arraigned in Dorchester District Court, with the judge setting bail at $250,000.

Johnson is expected to be arraigned on the murder charge in Suffolk Superior Court within two weeks, Conley said in a statement.

Gintautas Dumcius covers court proceedings and law enforcement for the Reporter. He can be reached at