Bullets buzz through Uphams Corner

A broad-daylight shooting in the middle of one of the neighborhood's busiest intersections shattered the window of a motorist stopped at the traffic light on Monday afternoon. A pair of bullets punctured the car and narrowly missed three family members - including a five-year old grandchild who was strapped in the backseat.

Four shots rang out in Uphams Corner just after 5:15 p.m., in what police believe was an armed confrontation between two groups of young people at the corner of Dudley Street and Columbia Road.

No one was hit by the gunfire, according to Boston Police spokesman officer Eddy Crispin. However, the driver's side window of a 2007 grey Honda Odyssey - which had been sitting in traffic in the northbound lane of Columbia Road - was blown out by one bullet. A second bullet hole was observed on the driver's side door the car. One bullet was found inside the vehicle.

Witnesses told police that they observed a suspect, described as a black male, about 21 years of age, running with a gun in his hand in the direction of the Ramsay Street parking lot behind CVS. One shell casing was discovered outside of a check-cashing store at 598 Columbia Road.

Crispin said that no arrests have been made, but that an investigation is ongoing.