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City officials and architects involved in the planned renovation of White Stadium last week proposed several significant changes that incorporate suggestions from the public as they work to gather more support for the controversial project that would... Read more
A Suffolk Superior Court jury on Monday convicted Omara Shears, 46, of first-degree murder for the death of Javare Sommerville-Adams, 17, as the teen was standing at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road enjoying the Carnival celebration on the morning of... Read more
At a virtual White Stadium workshop for Dorchester residents on April 10, city officials and consultants summarized plans in progress for transportation of spectators to professional women’s soccer games—and what these could mean for other Franklin Park... Read more
The March 22 decision by Suffolk Superior Judge Sarah Weyland Ellis to reject a motion by opponents who sought to halt work on a project to renovate White Stadium handed a victory to the Wu administration and the Boston Unity Soccer Partners, owners of a... Read more
A survey conducted by the Franklin Park Coalition (FPC) shows that significant support exists for a public-private proposal to renovate White Stadium, despite a lawsuit brought by some opponents seeking to block the project. The coalition said the survey... Read more
Dorchester resident Carla B. Monteiro nearly lost her backyard. And were it not for dogged research, an expensive, years-long legal fight, and an against-all-odds win in court by the use of a unique law in her favor, she might be staring out her back... Read more
Judge’s ruling expected by end of March Justice Sarah Ellis put a short hold on the White Stadium pro soccer and public school renovation plans on Wednesday during an preliminary hearing in the Civil Division of Suffolk Superior Court on Wednesday,... Read more
The city of Boston is moving ahead with a controversial plan to implement a center-running bus lane on Blue Hill Avenue as part of a massive re-design that Mayor Wu and other policy leaders say will positively transform the corridor from Grove Hall to... Read more
City officials and the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) have moved to slow down the planned renovation of White Stadium in Franklin Park amid public pushback on the pace and scope of the project. For one thing, a zoning amendment key to the... Read more
Khamari has always been a lover of music.  In his days as an adolescent growing up off Blue Hill Ave., the singer, born Khamari Barnes, played instruments ranging from the guitar to the French horn. An alumnus of Swampscott High School through the METCO... Read more


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