Franklin Park Zoo

State Police say Arnold Milfort, 27, of Dorchester, sustained serious injuries yesterday when he climbed a fence and then fell 30 feet into a gorilla pen that had been refashioned to look like a lion's den for a movie. State Police report: "A member of... Read more
Members of the Boston Police Department and Mayor Menino joined local residents at National Night Out at the Franklin Park Zoo on Tuesday. At the event, sponsored by Target, Tedeschi, and the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Preparedness, guests were treated... Read more
If the Legislature decides to override his veto of funds for the Franklin Park Zoo, Gov. Deval Patrick said his plan to keep health insurance coverage for 30,000 legal immigrants will be endangered. “If the veto is overridden, the Legislature is making... Read more
A budgie, a.k.a. a parakeet: Photo courtesy Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. The Franklin Park Zoo has been improving itself incrementally for decades. However slowly, it has inched evermore toward becoming the cultural resource that director John Linehan tells... Read more
To feed a finicky giraffe with wasting disease, you need the right food and plenty of it. Beech leaves might be Franklin Zoo denizen Beau the giraffe's absolute favorite, but an invasive plant in Franklin Park called Japanese knotweed turns out to be a... Read more
Following a wild escape in 2003, Franklin Park Zoo's infamous gorilla, Little Joe, is receiving a brand new playhouse filled with toys, trees, ropes - the works. But he won't be living in this jungle dream palace alone. Little Joe will have to share it... Read more
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