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The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled Wednesday former nurses at Carney Hospital can proceed with a defamation lawsuit over the way the hospital handled the reorganization of a psychiatric unit in 2011, but that they can't question then President Bill... Read more

The owners of Carney Hospital did not have to go too far to fill a vacancy in its president’s office.
On Tuesday, Steward Health Care System accounced that Walter J. Ramos, presently the President & CEO of DotHouse Health, will assume the... Read more

An arbitrator says Carney Hospital has to rehire six of the twelve nurses it fired in 2011 in a scandal involving physical and sexual abuse of patients in its adolescent psychiatric unit.

Arbitrator Philip Dunn said that while the... Read more

(UPDATE: More on the story is available here, where Walczak states that he did not resign.)

Savin Hill... Read more

Attorney General Martha Coakley has signed off on the proposal that will transfer six Catholic hospitals, including Dorchester’s Carney Hospital, to a for-profit New York firm. The deal, which still needs the approval of the state’s highest court and... Read more

Local elected officials, who have frequently sought to save Carney Hospital from being shuttered, greeted the headline in Friday’s Boston Globe – “Caritas warns of 2 hospital closures” – with caution, saying the hospital chain has frequently mentioned... Read more

A hearing on the $830 million sale of the Caritas Christi hospital system is set for the Local 103 IBEW Hall on Freeport St., according to state Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office. The July 1 hearing, the last one of six slated to be held in each... Read more

Last year administrators at Caritas Carney Hospital were preparing for the worst, outpatient services were down, insurance payments did not cover costs, and it looked as though state funding was going to be curtailed. The equivalent of 50 full-time... Read more

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