2013 elections

The second part of DotNews.com's video survey of the candidates running for mayor of Boston focuses on education. Ten members of the 12-person field offer differing views on the city's school committee, charter school cap, superintendent search and more.... Read more
City Councillor Rob Consalvo’s mayoral campaign unveiled its first TV spot on Monday night. The ad, titled “All In for Boston,” notes that he worked for the late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy and his support for a felony gun offender registry. The ad shows him... Read more
Through the leaves on the trees at the intersection of Harold and Holworthy, you can glimpse the John Hancock tower. A symbol of downtown Boston’s economic vitality, it often seems farther than three miles away for the residents of this corner of Roxbury... Read more
John Barros's mayoral campaign on Wednesday launched a biographical web video that it said it plans to promote on newspaper and ethnic media websites. The campaign is also purchasing ad space on Twitter and Facebook, it said. Barros is the former... Read more
Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, a candidate for mayor, on Sunday raised questions about the legality of an East Boston-only vote on a Suffolk Downs casino. Conley added that the 13-member City Council should “come to their senses” and move to... Read more
Charlotte Golar Richie: Former state rep and city Housing chief highlighted her experience as a mom, lawmaker and Menino cabinet member in a Wednesday night speech. Above, Richie is shown at an event at the Roxbury YMCA last Saturday. Photo by Bill... Read more
Looking to catch a mayoral candidate in action? A list of forums and debates taking place over the next two months, as the city edges closer towards the Sept. 24 preliminary, is available after the jump. The list is a work-in-progress: times and dates are... Read more
“My husband is running for mayor of Boston,” said Tchintcia Barros, who was standing outside the door as people poured out of the Route 27 bus on a Monday morning. “Good morning, my husband is running for mayor of Boston,” she said. “Good morning, my... Read more
Walczak on Morrissey Boulevard: Mayoral candidate Bill Walczak used a red yardstick as he discussed his concerns about the regular tidal flooding that he says is worsening on Morrissey Boulevard. Photo by Gintautas Dumcius Bill Walczak is a self-described... Read more
There are 62 days, or two months, left until the Sept. 24 preliminary election. -- Boston.com will be hosting mini-debates next month, set up similar to the MassINC/CommonWealth magazine forums at the Palm restaurant. The mini-debates will be held at the... Read more


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