During his Democratic National Convention speech Tuesday night, Gov. Deval Patrick gave a surprise highlight to a Boston school that was recently among the worst-performing in the state, but while Patrick said Orchard Gardens is now “one of the best”... Read more

Students at the Mattahunt Elementary School will return to a dramatically improved school building today— the result of an $8 million city-funded modernization project that wrapped up over the summer. The renovation — which focused on exterior... Read more

In a further shake-up of the leadership at Roxbury Community College, Gov. Deval Patrick plans on Thursday to appoint six new members to the college's board following questions raised over crime reporting, financial aid distribution and the former... Read more

The Senate on Thursday voted 31-7 to approve a bill broadening crime-fighting tools, ensuring that certain repeat violent offenders serve their full sentences, and easing prison overcrowding by adjusting sentencing laws for drug offenders.

... Read more

After calls for her resignation last week, Boston Public Schools chief Superintendent Carol Johnson has been buoyed this week by support from city councillors, her employees and local activists.

... Read more

Neighborhood Network News (BNN-TV) filed this report today on Saturday's rally at... Read more


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