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Martinez ‘absolutely considering’ a mayoral bid Mayor Martin Walsh today warned that the rate of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Boston are reaching levels unseen since the pandemic’s peak surge last spring. The mayor and other city officials offered updates... Read more
The MBTA will receive at least $250 million in federal funding under the latest COVID-19 stimulus package, but agency officials plan to move forward with most of their planned service cuts and direct most of the new money toward the capital budget. MBTA... Read more
One of Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi’s favorite things to say is that there are three keys to life on Earth: “DNA makes mRNA makes protein makes life.” The experimental technology behind Moderna and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccines harnesses the power of... Read more
Just after sunrise last Thursday, the four high school humanities teachers at Codman Academy in Dorchester logged into Zoom. They were developing a game plan for how to guide high school students through a conversation about the Jan. 6 riot in Washington... Read more
The transformation of a long-abandoned car dealership on Cummins Highway in Mattapan into a complex of buildings with 76 units of affordable housing is just about at the mid-point of construction work.  The progress of Cote Village, the new development... Read more
Mayor Martin Walsh said during a speech to the city Tuesday night that he is going to bring Boston with him when he goes to Washington, D.C., to serve in the Biden administration as secretary of labor. Whether he intends to pack it or not, Walsh will also... Read more
A commission will be created to recommend a new seal and motto after Gov. Baker signed a resolve on Monday that had emerged for votes last week as the two-year session was winding down. The resolve calls for the panel, after study, to recommend a new or... Read more
With 2021 upon us, for many it’s time to follow those pesky New Year’s resolutions. If being more active and improving mental health are on your list, I have two words – pet adoption! Pets offer us so much more than unconditional love. They are a... Read more
A team of developers with Core Investments Inc. filed plans with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) on Monday for a massive, mixed-use project on Dorchester Avenue near Andrew Square in South Boston. Labeled “On the Dot,” the four-phase... Read more
A newly built mixed-income, mixed-use housing development opened on Monday in Grove Hall. Named The Clarion, the building not only brings income-restricted units to the neighborhood but it will also serve as home to Future Chefs, an organization that... Read more
A development team led by four brothers who run a Mattapan car wash aired their proposal to construct a four-story, mixed-use building on a vacant lot at 1471 Blue Hill Ave. during a virtual meeting of the Woodhaven Culbert Regis Neighborhood Association... Read more
I’m guessing that I’m not the only person who had to look up what “sedition” means last Wednesday following the first invasion of the US Capitol building since the War of 1812. Sedition is one of those words you may study in a course on government,... Read more
Last week, Mayor Walsh announced the members of the incoming 2021 SPARK Boston Council, a group of 41 young adults — including eleven from Dorchester and Mattapan — that will work virtually over the next 12 months to open up new lines of communication... Read more
Dr. Angela Abraham has joined Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center as its new Director of Optometry. The expansion of Harvard Street’s services to include a full-service optometry department is important to building its comprehensive patient-focused... Read more
Eric Tran Thai, 36, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography on Monday for incidents in which he sat in a stall in boys’ rooms at Boston Latin School in 2017 and surreptitiously took videos of students, the US Attorney’s office... Read more
Gillette Stadium has been home to a near-undefeated football season, two outdoor hockey games, a Major League Soccer final, many dozens of concerts, and next week, it will host another landmark event: the first mass vaccination site in Massachusetts. In... Read more
A former Dorchester resident wanted for the 1991 massacre of five men in a Chinatown gambling den is now the subject of a renewed FBI-led manhunt with the lure of a $30,000 reward for his capture and conviction. Hung Tien Pham, now 60, has been a fugitive... Read more
Boston Public Schools has reached an agreement with the Boston Teachers Union to try to bring all students back to schools in-person by April 1. The agreement calls for phasing in groups of students for hybrid learning, starting with high needs students... Read more
A number of hopefuls have announced bids to run for a seat on the City Council next year, a tantalizing target following Mayor Walsh’s nomination to serve as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Labor and the decisions by two sitting councillors— At-large Councillor... Read more
With Mayor Martin Walsh preparing to leave City Hall, the Boston City Council is considering changing the rules that require a special election if Walsh resigns before March 5 in order to avoid holding four elections over the next 10 months to choose a... Read more


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