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Some of the rancor displayed in Monday's presidential debate at the congressional Black Caucus began to spill into Boston this week. And the race has come alive in the city's neighborhoods in just a week's time. Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi, gathered... Read more
Some of the rancor displayed in Monday's presidential debate at the congressional Black Caucus began to spill into Boston this week. And the race has come alive in the city's neighborhoods in just a week's time. Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi, gathered... Read more
A Blue Hill Avenue dry cleaner may be held responsible for the release of a toxic chemical called perchloroethylene into the groundwater underneath the construction site of the new Mattapan Library. The chemical is a suspected carcinogen and worse in... Read more
A crowd of around 30 housing activists and about half as many members of the local media surrounded 26 Semont Rd. on Wednesday morning, as the chant "Melonie! Melonie!" rang out along the street. Melonie Griffiths-Evans and her husband were victims of an... Read more
The first murder of the year was the result of a shootout that followed a baby shower, police said. Rayon Gillespie, of Dorchester, was charged this week with murdering 23-year-old Joseph Clark on Jan. 6. Dorchester District Court Judge Kenneth Desmond... Read more
Several veteran Boston crime fighters are among the nucleus of a newly formed branch of a Washington, D.C. non-profit organization which hopes to enlist Congress in a renewed war on gun violence in America. The New England chapter of Reaching Out to... Read more
The Mayor Menino show rolled into Uphams Corner's Strand Theatre for the second year in a row on Tuesday, bringing squadrons of traffic cops, shuttle buses and a quintet of royal-sounding horns. On the program was a new plan to scale back the city's... Read more
A trio of unsolved shootings along Dorchester Avenue, including two which resulted in homicides in the last week, have rattled nerves and outraged residents and merchants unaccustomed to gunfire on the relatively peaceful thoroughfare. While Boston Police... Read more
In a small step forward for a blighted Port Norfolk lot, state conservation officials unveiled preliminary findings this week that chemical levels in the waterfront soil are lower than expected. The findings put the fenced-off 14-acre area on track to be... Read more
The Baker Dam in Lower Mills. Photo by Chris Lovett. When the Neponset River pours over the dam at Lower Mills, the stately gloss of a pond, sometimes smooth as a mirror, narrows to a raging torrent. One story below, thick braids of white water unravel... Read more
Community health center leaders are just as opposed to CVS stores opening mini-clinics as Mayor Thomas Menino, but that isn't the end of it. Regional leaders are exploring opening their own versions. State regulators last week approved rules establishing... Read more
A new commuter rail station at Four Corners is still about three years from becoming a reality, and design for one at Talbot Avenue is due to start next week, but hazy visions of the future are becoming clearer all the time in the neighborhoods along the... Read more
Cedar Grove Civic Association - now 75 years old and with over 400 members - is undoubtedly one of Boston's largest neighborhood associations. From organizing recreational services to awarding over $9,000 in educational scholarships each year, Cedar Grove... Read more
Several Dorchester and Mattapan locales could pick themselves up in a new pilot program slated to start this spring. An anti-litter campaign is in the works that would encourage storeowners to keep it clean, train young children to give a hoot and blitz... Read more
Avoiding a second attempt at a trial, a former Dorchester man pled guilty this week to a 1995 murder, earning a 9 to 10 year prison sentence that will run simultaneously with his 27-year sentence for another murder. John Tibbs, 36, was sentenced in... Read more
YouthBuild students Douglas Walker, Kenneth Cardoso and William Brewington, all in their early 20s, move a structural insulated panel into place on the second floor of 26 Arbutus St. Photo by Pete Stidman Call it another rung on the ladder toward an... Read more
In sharp exchanges with some local neighborhood activists, UMass Boston officials defended their plans to build dorms to house some 1,000 on-campus beds in the next ten years as part of the school's overhaul. "We are a commuter school. We are going to... Read more
A developer's plan to raze a decrepit house and install a shiny new three-decker in its place has stirred up resentment from a few with long memories. The developer Vu Quong's properties have been the center of controversy before. According to some who... Read more
The Tuttle House, an 26-unit elderly housing facility in Savin Hill, is set to be transferred to the Pine Street Inn, New England's largest non-profit for the homeless, which plans to invest $300,000 in renovations at the site, according to members of the... Read more
Six days. That's how long it took for Boston to witness its first homicide of the year, a shooting on Bowdoin Street that was quickly followed by another murder the next night at a take-out Chinese restaurant on Dorchester Avenue. Both were young black... Read more


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