#BosMayor Round-Up: Oct. 14, 2013

22 days to Nov. 5. One day until the first televised debate between the two finalists. City Councillor At-Large John Connolly and state Rep. Marty Walsh will both make appearances on TOUCH 106.1, the station that was co-founded by one of their former rivals, Charles Clemons. The two finalists will also be in Brighton tonight, but for different events: Walsh will be holding “Mondays with Marty,” while Connolly will be with City Councillor Mark Ciommo for a meet-and-greet. Walsh will be outside the State House mid-morning for an endorsement press conference with progressive lawmakers in his camp. Appearing on FOX25 this morning with his wife Meg by his side, Connolly said his campaign is being powered by Boston parents. “I’d love to have every endorsement...but endorsements aren’t going to decide this election," he said.

CONNOLLY TO HIGHLIGHT YOUTH ENGAGEMENT IDEAS: Connolly will hold a press conference after an event at the Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Club Anthony Richards, founder and executive director, No Books No Ball to highlight his plans for youth engagement and crime reduction. He will be joined by Dr. Ulric Johnson, founding director of Teens Against Gang Violence and members of Score4More and the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League.

THE DAY AHEAD: A list of happenings, as provided by the campaigns. Schedule entries are subject to change:

State Rep. Marty Walsh

7:30 a.m. Rep. Walsh will appear live on Touch 106.1 FM.

9:00 a.m. Rep. Walsh will address a meeting at Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center (950 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester)

11:00 a.m. Endorsement press conference (outside the State House – details forthcoming)

6:00 p.m. Rep. Walsh will welcome Barros campaign volunteers (private residence, Dorchester)

8:00 p.m. Mondays with Marty: Brighton (Brighton Marine Health Center R.E. Hawes Medical Building, 77 Warren Street, Brighton)

City Councillor At-Large John Connolly

Touch 106.1 Radio
8:30 AM

Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Club
10:00 AM
950 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester, MA

Press Conference on Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
11:00 AM
Sportsmen's Club, 950 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester, MA

Memorial Walk with Mary Franklin
5:30 PM
Blue Hill Avenue and Woodrow Avenue, Dorchester, MA

City Councilor Mark Ciommo Endorsement and Meet and Greet
6:00 PM
Stockyard, 135 Market Street, Brighton, MA