#BosMayor Round-Up: Nov. 2, 2013

3 days to Nov. 5. State Rep. Marty Walsh joins comedian John Hodgman at the Wilbur Theatre tonight. The appearance arises from Hodgman supporting Walsh’s efforts to make “Roadrunner” the official rock song of Massachusetts. City Councillor At-Large John Connolly speaks at the Four Corners Neighborhood Association meeting and then heads to the West End for an event with state Rep. Jay Livingstone, a Back Bay Democrat. Both candidates, as well as Mayor Thomas Menino, are expected to attend this afternoon’s ribbon-cutting for the East Boston branch of the Boston Public Library.

SUPER SECRET SUPER PACs: The Globe and the Herald take a look at the "dark money" that has hit the mayoral race like a tidal wave, almost entirely in support of Rep. Walsh. Boston magazine's David Bernstein and CommonWealth magazine's Paul McMorrow have been ahead of everybody on this. (Somebody send a memo to the Herald, though. In their piece, they refer to Bernstein, a longtime political reporter, as a "blogger.")

IN HAPPIER TIMES: A video shot by a Dorchester activist, showing Walsh and Connolly campaigning together in 2005, surfaced on YouTube last night but was gone by this morning. Filmed in July 2005, when Connolly was running for at-large for the first time, the short video shows them both wearing “Connolly for Council” stickers as they door-knock in Dorchester and take pictures with voters in McKenna’s restaurant in Savin Hill. “We’re campaigning, uh, John Connolly’s running for citywide City Council,” Walsh says. “He’s a guy that I met when he was an intern at the State House about 12 years ago, and a dear friend, and I’m just out here helping him get elected to the City Council.” Walsh later says, “This is how you get elected. Retail politics. You go out, knock on doors, and you talk to people, explain who you are. This is how you win. The information superhighway doesn’t win elections.” A smiling Connolly adds, “You have to like it. I like it. I like going and banging on these doors, meeting new people, hearing about concerns in neighborhoods.” The video was posted by Catherine O'Neill, a Dorchester political activist who unsuccessfully mounted a City Council at-large campaign earlier this year. "I shot this July 2005, when they were being themselves; friends; I hope they can get back to this place," O'Neill wrote on her blog. She did not immediately respond to a request for comment this morning.

THE DAY AHEAD: A list of happenings, as provided by the campaigns. Schedule entries are subject to change:

State Rep. Marty Walsh

11:00 a.m. Barber Shops and Hair Salon retail stops (Starting at Princey’s Hair Salon, 501 Washington St., Boston)

1:30 p.m. Meet and Greet (Dunkin Donuts, 951 Bennington St., East Boston)

2:00 p.m. East Boston Branch of Boston Public Library Opening Ribbon Cutting (365 Bremen St., East Boston)

3:00 p.m. Hyde Park Residents Meet and Greet (Bean and Cream, 680 Truman Highway, Hyde Park)

4:30 p.m. West Roxbury Retail Stop (Roche Brothers, 1800 Centre St., West Roxbury)

7:30 p.m. Steppin’ Out for the Dimock Center (Westin Copley Place Hotel, 10 Huntington Ave., Boston)

9:00 p.m. Fundraiser for Kevin Cellucci (IBEW Local 103, 256 Freeport Ave., Dorchester)

9:45 p.m. Rep. Walsh appears with John Hodgman at Wilbur Theatre (Hodgman invited him because he is a supporter of making Roadrunner the Official State Rock Song of Massachusetts) – (256 Tremont St., Boston)

City Councillor At-Large John Connolly

Mark Delamere Benefit Street Hockey Tournament
7:30 AM
Fallon Field, Roslindale, MA

Greeting Voters in Hyde Park
8:15 AM
Richy's, 1461 River Street, Hyde Park, MA

Roslindale Square Farmers Market
9:30 AM
Roslindale Square, Roslindale, MA

Speaking at Four Corners Neighborhood Association Meeting
10:15 AM
378 Washington Street, Boston, MA

Meet and Greet in the West End with Rep. Jay Livingstone
12:15 PM
65 Martha Road, Boston, MA

Speaking at No Books No Ball
1:15 PM
Orchard Gardens Middle School, 906 Albany Street, Boston, MA

East Boston Public Library Ribbon Cutting
2:00 PM
Bremen Street Park, East Boston, MA

Canvassing in Charlestown
3:00 PM

Greeting Voters at Washington Park Mall
4:00 PM
Warren Street, Roxbury, MA

Candlelight Peace Vigil in Memory of Leroy Carvalho
5:30 PM
Dudley Street School Yard, corner of Dudley and Langdon Streets, Roxbury, MA

Steppin' Out for the Dimock Center 2013
6:15 PM
Westin Copley Place Hotel, 10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

La Pinata Fiesta
7:00 PM
45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Hyde Park Neighborhood Party
7:30 PM
81 Fairmount Avenue, Hyde Park, MA