Ballot order drawing set for Thursday

Wondering which candidates' names will be at the top of the municipal ballot in September? We'll find out on Thursday, July 11 at 11 a.m.

From the release sent out by the mayor's press office:

The Ballot Position Drawing is mandated by Section 28 of the City Council Charter, foregoing the assigned Alphabetical Order reserved for State and Federal Elections. With a combined total of 60 Candidates running for the Offices of Mayor, City Council At-Large and District City Council, Thursday’s drawing is expected to attract a substantial crowd of election officials, candidates, supporters and media.

(One candidate, District 4 Councillor Charles Yancey, is seeking both the mayor’s seat and reelection to his Dorchester and Mattapan seat, so he is being counted twice. The total number of people running for office is 59: Twelve are running four mayor, 19 are running for at-large. The rest are running for district seats.)

The drawing will take place in the Iannella Chamber on City Hall's fifth floor.

We wrote about a ballot position drawing in 2011, during a wide-open District 3 race.