Feeney formally backs O'Toole to fill her District 3 seat

The question of when City Councillor Maureen Feeney will endorse District 3 candidate John O'Toole was answered today. In a release sent out Tuesday morning, Feeney, who has held the seat since 1993, called the longtime civic activist the "right choice" to replace her.

Full statements from Feeney and O'Toole are below.

In giving her endorsement, Councillor Feeney says, “John is a proven leader who has been serving this community for decades as a civic president, advocate, and organizer. As a voice of the people, John holds a tremendous record of accomplishments from rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. Whether helping to build a stronger and safer community, improving services for our youth, or taking concrete actions to improve the environment of our neighborhoods, John lives by the values that have made Dorchester a place of which we are rightfully proud. As demonstrated by his having received several ‘Man of the Year’ awards, others have consistently recognized John’s numerous contributions to Dorchester. John clearly is the right choice for City Council. All of Dorchester will be well served by John’s passion for service, understanding of community process, talent for working with people, and his impressive work ethic. He acts while others talk. I am proud to give him my highest endorsement.”

In responding to Councillor Feeney’s endorsement, John O’Toole said, “Maureen has served this community with distinction for nearly 18 years. I am honored and humbled to receive her endorsement. She has left her mark on every corner of this district and made significant improvements in the quality of life for all residents of this city. No one can fill her shoes, but I would be proud one day to walk in her footsteps.”