(UPDATED) Extra serving: Patrick's poem and LG Murray's song

For those who missed it at the St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Southie, here's the poem Gov. Deval Patrick delivered, followed by the song by Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray. (Updated to add, via the State House News Service, some verse from Sen. Richard Tisei, who is Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker's running mate.)

If I Ran the Zoo

Four years ago now,
Wondering what next to do,
I thought to myself,
What if I ran the zoo?

If I ran the zoo,
Change it, I will!
Not the Stone or the Franklin,
The one on the Hill.

Don’t change the zoo!
Said the whole State House crew,
If you dare, the folk there,
Will be so mad at you.

But I marched right ahead,
And I learned what to do,
You would hardly believe,
Each day something new.

I rush to the office
Each day with great haste,
Have coffee with Terry,
Make sure it’s not laced.

The next day it’s gambling,
The speaker says “no”!
No worries, I learn
Speakers come and they go.

So busy with meetings,
No time to delay,
But no one shows up,
Right! Evacuation Day!

But we keep right on fixing,
The schools and health care,
While the zoo crew keeps yelling,
Not this, don’t you dare!

The Zoo Herald cheers,
When the poll numbers fall,
And now two of the zoo crew,
Want to run it all.

One zoo crew named Charlie,
Says the zoo needs reforming,
But he dug the Big Dig,
And denies global warming!

Tim’s been at the zoo,
While pension losses mount,
Trouble is that zookeepers,
Must know how to count!

So we make the zoo clean,
End the turnpike, fix pensions,
Close a big budget gap,
And there’s much more to mention.

We keep fixing the zoo,
And ignoring the drama,
No cutting and running
To work for Obama.

So pour a fresh beer,
Cause I’m here to stay,
And I wish you all,
Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Say Thanks to Pothole Charlie
(Sung to the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel”)

All around the Commonwealth with roads and bridges falling,
He baked a Big Dig funding scheme, his name is Pothole Charlie.

When he got through at A and F, the debt he left appalling,
He thinks that we’ll forget the truth, his name is Pothole Charlie.

He says that we can have it all, no taxes and no worries,
But if you buy that bridge again, I think you will be sorry.

‘Cause highways never fix themselves when leaders just keep stalling,
So when your tire gets blown out, say thanks to Pothole Charlie.

From Sen. Richard Tisei, Charlie Baker's running mate, some verse (via State House News Service)

"So here we are now, four long years have gone by,
And Patrick's property tax pledge has been exposed as a lie.
Taxes have gone up two billion and more,
And who knows what else this man has in store?

But have some faith, and don't despair
Keep in mind, it's an election year,
We made a mistake and hired a faker,
But this November we will fix things
When we elect Charlie Baker."