WBUR: This Bostonian Life with Tom from Hyde Park

WBUR spent some time following Mayor Menino around recently. Tooling around in his City SUV/mobile mayor’s office, Menino does not hesitate to criticize his opponents. In regards to Councillor Sam Yoon attending a groundbreaking event in Hyde Park, Menino said:

“I’m always amazed at elected officials. They just have no idea what to do at those things,” [Menino] says. “They just show up because it might get them an opportunity to get a picture taken. But to lift a finger? Oh, no. No transparency in the process.”
That’s a dig at Yoon, who criticizes Menino for not being transparent in the way he conducts business. Menino says he goes to so many events because it reassures people that their government is there.

What I find most interesting about this article is the impression you get when you juxtapose it to each man’s schedule today. Yoon is all over the place, maybe even in a big black SUV. The mayor, for the first time in a while, has no public events scheduled today.