A night in Roxbury

More later on the Boston election 2009 candidates’ forum, put together by the National Black College Alliance in Roxbury later.

But first let us point you to two folks who Twittered it here and here, with some wry observations. (“Bennett likes to say ‘alright’ a lot.” Hah.) Via UHub.

Nearly all the candidates showed up – Michael Flaherty, Sam Yoon and Kevin McCrea of the four running for mayor, and 12 of the 15 running for At-Large, with the exception of Bill Trabucco, Scotland Willis and Hiep Nguyen. Chris Kulikoski, running against Councillor Salvatore LaMattina, showed up, as did Roy Owens, Carlos Henriquez and incumbent Chuck Turner, the three of them running for the District 7 Council seat.

Both City Council President (and District 8 incumbent) Michael Ross and his opponent, Oscar Brookins, put in appearances, along with District 4 Councillor Charles Yancey, who doesn’t face anybody running against him.

Most of the candidates took seats behind a (very) long table up on the stage at Hibernian Hall. At one point, Jean-Claude Sanon took a tumble, his seat collapsing while he was sitting behind Yoon and a few others.