At-Large ballot order

Looks like Ayanna Pressley's supporters will have to hang onto the phrase "eight is great" for a few more weeks.

Her position on the ballot in the Sept. 22 preliminary was No. 8. And after the random drawing today down at City Hall (which Pressley showed up to) she remains... No. 8.

On the opposite end, the outcome of the drawing must have been a relief to Stephen Murphy, who was second from the bottom when there were 15 candidates total. (Okay, not really. He finished in second place, with over 30,000 votes in the preliminary. He'll be fine.)

Make of the following ballot order what you will. And also take a look at this recent column by Larry Sabato about the order on ballots.

1. Stephen J Murphy

2. Doug Bennett

3. Felix G Arroyo

4. Tito Jackson

5. Tomas Gonzalez

6. John R Connolly

7. Andrew P Kenneally

8. Ayanna S Pressley