Flaherty unveils billboard sign in Dorchester

Mayoral candidate and City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty capped off his “Good. Better.” ad campaign on Monday with the release of a video showing the set-up of a sign in Dorchester.

The sign, which can be spotted at the corner of Gallivan Blvd. and Wenlock St., shows on the left side a black-and-white photo of Mayor Thomas Menino, with the year 1993 written next to it. Menino has been in office since 1993. On the right, there’s a full-color of Flaherty with “Sept. 22, 2009,” the date of the primary, next to him.

The billboard was bought for the month at $3,000, according to Flaherty spokeswoman Natasha Perez.

Flaherty had kicked off the "Good. Better." campaign by comparing Menino to a cassette player and himself to an iPod.

The billboard, which Perez called “one piece of a very large multi-component campaign,” comes as Menino grabs quite a bit of free publicity in the form of public service ads on the subway and buses.