The Economist weighs in on Menino, charter schools

As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan drops by Boston to bolster Gov. Deval Patrick's proposal to lift the charter school cap in underperforming school districts, The Economist -- the news magazine that people on the train like to use to cover their copy of the latest Us Weekly -- looks at the charter school situation in Massachusetts, and weighs in on Mayor Thomas Menino's plan:

After years of dancing around the issue, Tom Menino, Boston’s long-serving mayor, submitted legislation on July 7th that would convert his city’s worst performing schools into charters. Failing this, he will push for the state to raise the cap on charters. A study by the Boston Foundation shows that charter schools do much better than other Boston public schools.

Mr Menino is facing strong challengers in his latest re-election bid. The cynical wonder if he is merely emulating his rivals’ support for charter schools. Still, it seems at last Boston and Massachusetts may be on the verge of embracing them. The state’s constitution demands that the state “cherish” its public schools. It is time the state began to cherish charters too.

Menino's plan will be heard next week by the Legislature's Joint Committee on Education.

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