The debate debate continues

Or rather, the debate over the MassVOTE forums. (Which, it should be noted, are different from debates in not being as extensive.)

The Boston Herald reports:

A Boston-based voting rights group credited with boosting minority turnout in the Hub said yesterday it felt “snubbed” by Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s decision to brush off its invitation for three mayoral forums.

“I feel like we were snubbed. The communities they’re snubbing are those that are typically underrepresented,” said Cheryl Crawford, policy director for nonpartisan MassVOTE, which is spearheading three mayoral forums slated for Sept. 3 and 17 and Oct. 27.

“He’s missing a great opportunity to connect with the people. We won’t be dissuaded,” Crawford added.

Menino backed off some of the comments made by his debate manager earlier this week, but stood firm on attending three debates: two before the September 22 preliminary election and another before the November final election.