In the current national contest for president, a major political issue is the maintenance of good quality, affordable health care. Whether Republican or Democratic, all the candidates have made it clear they each view the issue as a top priority, and... Read more

The blogosphere, increasingly, is becoming an important part of our daily news and information diet. These websites condense and present information from news organizations and other sources - typically, they also provide direct links to original... Read more

With an historic presidential election on the horizon, the good news is many of our neighbors have looked up and taken notice.

The contests in both major political parties have been ongoing for a year now, and there's still 278 days remaining... Read more

The primary season is nearing a climax and, for once, the vote from Massachusetts is likely to mean something this time. The year long pre-primary campaigns have been a seemingly endless round of photo ops, partisan debates and campaign stops in little... Read more

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested for leading an "illegal" demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama. A group of white clergymen who nominally supported full "civil rights for negroes" took King to task for his provocative actions.

"... Read more

(Publisher Ed Forry first wrote these words in 2005. It is a sentiment that bears being repeated, we believe. Here's to a great 2008.)

It was a wonderful holiday meal, an evening out with special friends in a North End restaurant. The festive... Read more

We received a Christmas letter from one of our neighbors, Seater Margaret O'Hara. With her permission, we are pleased to share it with our readers.- Ed Forry

For some time now I have been contemplating on what our Christmas letter should focus... Read more

This article originally appeared on page 2 of the June 24, 2004 edition of the Dorchester Reporter.

Boston’s bogeyman made a return trip to town this past week. Not to worry, though; the tabloid press and political establishment... Read more

Recently, the City of Boston Public Health Commission published advertisements in this newspaper giving notice of a public health issue. One of the ads addressed "Residents of North Dorchester", the other "Residents of South Dorchester."

We... Read more