The story of the dramatic turnaround in the fiscal health of Dorchester’s Carney Hospital is truly a remarkable one.

It was just thirty months ago that Attorney General  Martha Coakley conducted an investigation of the hospital and its  parent... Read more

The news this week that Rep. Marie St. Fleur has decided not to seek reelection this fall is not good news for the community. In her ten years in office, she has been a stellar advocate for the people of her district, for the broader Dorchester and... Read more

Last Sunday, at St. Gregory’s church, the pastor, Father Vin Dailey, spoke in his homily about the start of the season of Lent, which began yesterday with the observance of Ash Wednesday.
The young priest has been an inspiration to many in his... Read more

The weather prognosticators were agog this week with their predictions of the modest snowstorm that arrived here Wednesday afternoon.

All week long, these highly trained meteorologists and their anchor-people partners in the media have been... Read more

By Tom Mulvoy

The news last week that come June there will be no more schooling done at the 87-year-old building that sits on the grounds of the St. Mark’s Parish campus in Dorchester was... Read more

Late last fall, word spread through the neighborhood that one of our own, Jerry “Judgie” Leary, had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The longtime union official and veteran community activist and his wife wife Gayle are the parents of six â... Read more

It is the right thing to do today to congratulate our new U.S. Senator-elect, Scott Brown, on his impressive election this week. Senator Brown’s campaign was given little chance last fall in the wake of the death of the 46-year incumbent Democrat,... Read more

The news coming out of Haiti is horrible. The images are heart-breaking. The damages are catastrophic. The suffering seems limitless.

The early reports from Port-au-Prince assert that most of that capital city lies in rubble. A shaky YouTube... Read more

The tax-filing season has arrived, and while taxpayers are asked to gather up their records from last year to prepare to file the income tax reports for 2009, some local advocacy groups are preparing a campaign to provide free tax return preparation... Read more

There was some good news this week on Savin Hill. After long months of negotiations, it was announced yesterday that an innovative, co-educational, college preparatory high school now located in Cambridge will relocate into the Savin Hill Avenue... Read more

Outgoing at-large councilman Sam Yoon’s proposal to limit the tenure of any future mayor to two terms set off an interesting debate about governance in Boston. The vote took place yesterday, and the good news is the Council defeated the measure by a... Read more

UMass-Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley hosted a community dinner for about 20 civic and political Dorchester leaders last week, and he used the occasion to brief his neighbors on the status of the university community.

At the meeting in the... Read more

Voters next Tuesday will choose candidates to complete the term of Senator Ted Kennedy. While there are primaries in both political parties, most attention is on the four-person contest – three men and one woman – to be the Democrat nominee.

... Read more

Last week, as the end of the formal legislative session on Beacon Hill drew to a close, a measure to reform the state’s criminal records law was advanced by the Senate Ways and Means Committee. There have been a number of proposals to revamp the law... Read more

There was a sad story that emerged from Savin Hill last week. Early last Thursday morning, the news began to pass around that C.F. Donovan’s, the popular Dorchester neighborhood restaurant and bar on Savin Hill Ave., was shuttered and appeared to be... Read more