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naieer_in_art_class_in_dan_habibs_intelligent_lives.jpgNaieer Shaheed in art class at the Henderson. Dan Habib... Read more

By Lawrence S. DiCara

Walter Muir Whitehill reminded us over fifty years ago that “the streets of Boston are conspicuously unsuited for automobile traffic.” I see no reason to disagree with that statement fifty years later. Boston will never be... Read more

To the Editor:

It is wonderful to hear that Dorchester’s own Local 103 of the IBEW is solidly behind the Green New Deal. (“IBEW chief on board for Dems’ ‘Green New Deal’,” 2/22)  The larger message of that federal proposal... Read more

To the Editor:

On your gas or electric bill, there’s a notice at the bottom in fine print that indicates how much you are contributing to the MassSave energy efficiency program for residents and businesses. It was started a... Read more

By Barbara Moffat and Emily Haber

 In his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy asked Americans what they could do for their country. Nearly 60 years later, thousands are answering that question by serving in AmeriCorps, a national... Read more

To the Editor:

The recent article about the controversy regarding Dot Block shows the continued short-sightedness of groups like Dorchester Not For Sale and New England United for Justice.  These Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY... Read more

p8 pierre column uphams REP 9-19.jpg
One of the Estuary Project displays in Uphams Corner.

Forty years ago, in 1979,... Read more

By Edward M. Cook
Special to the Reporter

Last week the Massachusetts House of Representatives resoundingly defeated three amendments to a House Rules bill that would have advanced transparency in that body. To their shame, Dorchester... Read more

By Liz Vizza & Marita Rivero

On a chilly night last month, the pews of the Tremont Temple Baptist Church downtown were full. On a typical Wednesday, people usually come to the historic church for weekly Bible Study, but crowds flocked to... Read more

By Joseph G. Ramsey

Reading through the Boston Globe’s recent story on last year’s 100 highest-paid Massachusetts state employees, my first response, like many readers, tended toward outrage. UMass President Marty Meehan brought in a whopping $... Read more

By Perry B. Newman

For many, the words “strategic plan” call to mind a process involving a great deal of time doing a great deal of thinking producing a great deal of paper that doesn’t result in a great deal of action or change.

But for... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

In 2009, the Boston Globe ran a piece about recent law school graduates who had taken low-paying public sector jobs while waiting for the economy to improve. The story and its headline depicted... Read more

By Tom Mulvoy
Associate Editor

Not five minutes into their Monday morning discussion of the Super Bowl on Boston radio station 98.5 FM, The Sports Hub, men named, or nicknamed, Jones, Hardy, and Johnson were busily working the downside of... Read more

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Earlier this month, I gave my State of the City address at Symphony Hall. It’s one of my favorite events because it’s a chance to speak directly to the people of Boston about the progress we’ve made, the challenges that... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

Good public policy is all about establishing a sensible balance between often opposing views. In the attempt to achieve that balance, we too often go from one extreme to another. Criminal justice... Read more