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Parsing Sarah Palin’s crude acronymic reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address last week wherein he promoted his “Win the Future” philosophy was probably no problem for people who use computers and other electronic gadgets rather than... Read more

Beware the scammers who, using an unfamiliar name, send an e-mail out of the blue saying they need help urgently. The scams always beg for help, claim to be from someone, and insist that only an immediate infusion of a few thousands dollars can solve... Read more

My computer has been hacked into by some ingenious and diabolical people.  An e-mail was sent out from my e-mail address by someone who had broken into my computer. It claimed I was in Valencia, Spain, and had lost my money and cell phone and could... Read more

Haitian Americans and their supporters can play a vital role in helping perhaps 600,000 Haitians and Haitian Americans in Haiti and the United States by urging Massachusetts’ U.S. Senators Brown and Kerry to get the White House to instruct Department... Read more

Love is the all-encompassing virtue. Yet in our culture it is corrupted, distorted, and debased. Emphasis is placed on the self rather than the other. Self-absorption and self-seeking replace the essential generosity or selflessness that are so much a... Read more

In the winter of 1860, the country was on the verge of the Civil War. Lincoln had been elected and would take office in March 1861. Amid calls for war, southern states had begun to secede.

That was 150 years ago, but only 79 years from 1939, the... Read more

The Christmas story has many different characters that capture our hearts and imaginations. And, like any good story, if this one is going to appeal to us, we have to claim some part of it, some character in the story, discover a lesson there, and... Read more

It was a little after the City Council vote last week to expel Chuck Turner when I got off the trolley at Government Center. As I was on the way up the stairs, I saw a descending face that looked familiar yet puzzling.

This figure on the... Read more

There really isn’t very much to inspire confidence these days. The recession won’t quit, the country is moving toward bankruptcy, and our political system has lost its equilibrium with too much check and not enough balance.

A system designed in... Read more

It was just five weeks ago – Tues., Nov. 2 – that I ran in to old friend Bob Cunningham outside the library in Lower Mills. He was there to vote in the state election. It was a happy meeting. I was with family and I told them about his storied... Read more

Forty years ago, a twelve-year-old boy stood next to his Dad’s casket and made a lifetime promise to never forget him.

On Dec. 17, 2010, our father, Raymond Thomas Mullen, will be deceased 40 years. He passed away in the building that is now... Read more

To the Editor:

After reading the editorial in the Dorchester Reporter entitled “Answers needed on police protocol at crime scenes,”... Read more

Msgr. Thomas J. McDonnell, who died in June 2009, was for many years a regular columnist for the Reporter newspapers. Following is an essay wherein he defines what he believed to be a competent Christian lifestyle.

During the past two... Read more