Community Comment

By Joel Richards and Jessica Tang

 It has been eight months since a devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Much has been written about the struggles of people there to recover basic community infrastructure: electricity, medical care, schools.... Read more

By Peter F. Stevens
Reporter Staff

Courtesy of President Donald Trump and willing and blindly unwitting supporters, the Arsenal of Democracy crumbles daily into the Abyss of Autocracy. Those red-and-white “MAGA” caps stand less for “Make... Read more

By Zeninjor Enwemeka

Throughout Boston, cranes and steel structures pepper the city’s landscape. Boston is in a major building boom. And the city needs construction workers to keep up. There’s also a gross imbalance of women and... Read more

By Mary Nee

Most dogs love being in a car curled up in the back seat or with their heads sticking out the window, their tongues flapping in the breeze. It’s their happy place. But as the weather gets warmer, a vehicle can be a dangerous, even... Read more

To the Editor:

Dorchester rents are rising, housing is hard to find, and neighbors are being forced out. Last week the City Council debated a proposal to keep more apartments available by limiting AirBNB-type rentals to 180 days a year. It was a... Read more

By Kevin O’Neill
Special to the Reporter

In 1850 the family of Catherine and Martin Davitt of Co. Mayo, Ireland, were evicted from their small farm. Like many other victims of famine era evictions, their search for survival took them to... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

When is a cake not a cake? When it becomes a matter of conscience or freedom of religion. The refusal of a Colorado baker to make (or create) a cake for a same sex marriage does not rise to that... Read more

By Simón Rios
WBUR Reporter

Boston officials last week sought approval by Quincy’s Conservation Commission of plans to invest $92 million to rehab the Long Island Bridge, but the commission punted on the decision pending further... Read more

Last Saturday, residents from all over the city went to the Seaport to ask: “Where the good jobs are for us?” There, we kicked off the Campaign for Wealth and Income and publicly posted “A Challenge to Boston,” saying that the city’s residents,... Read more

By Mike Prokosch
Special to the Reporter

It’s been a year since President Trump took the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. That same day, June 1, 2017, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh reacted to the move, saying, “Boston will not... Read more

By Rita Kiki Edozie and Barbara Lewis of UMass Boston

It is now well known to the nation that UMass-Boston’s 2018 chancellor search ended unceremoniously with UMass System President, Martin Meehan attributing the failed... Read more

I am running out of patience on the Morton Street/Gallivan Boulevard intersection. On, Fri., May 25, a man was killed in a hit-and run-accident. MBTA buses have been hit, and there have been numerous accidents and near accidents daily.

In 2008,... Read more

By Gina Fiandaca
Special to the Reporter

Glancing at that new text message on your phone. Scrolling through satellite radio stations to find the right song. Adjusting your GPS to find a new route.  Any of these activities momentarily takes... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

I’ve been attending a lot of graduations recently, two at colleges and two at high schools. It’s one of the benefits you get when you marry young and have lots of grandchildren. Unfortunately my... Read more

By Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz

Last week, I was thrilled to stand on the Senate floor as every single one of my fellow senators voted in favor of deeply needed reforms to our K-12 education-funding system. The bill has now moved to the House.

... Read more