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 The so-called — wrongly named — Defense of Marriage Act was both wrong and unconstitutional in 1996, and it’s wrong and unconstitutional today.

It was legalized discrimination — not to mention an abuse of the Constitution for political... Read more

Catholic schools have long helped make the American Dream a reality by giving poor and working class kids the chance to get a quality education. For many, a Catholic education was the key to a better future, serving as the basis for state leaders in... Read more

Last Wednesday, I encountered several people I knew from Dorchester 40 years ago. Some things hadn’t changed.

It started with my old Dorchester friend and colleague Peter, with whom I worked 40 years ago in the Dorchester Tenants Action Council... Read more

Political events in Wisconsin have questioned the necessity of collective bargaining.  The governor of Wisconsin notwithstanding, collective bargaining is recognized as a human right in international conventions, constitutions, and courts. 

Our... Read more

The snow lingers. Will this winter ever end?

This year Mother Nature took a swipe at global warming by sending us a blast from the past. Winter wrapped around us with an intensity that shouted: “Not so soon, I’m still around.”

Over time... Read more

Every weekday, Earl Taylor, President of the Dorchester Historical Society, sends via e-mail to his subscriber list old photographs from the neighborhood that are often accompanied by relevant historical information. Recently, he asked for photos of... Read more

My left foot greets me from the end of a cast that stretches from my thigh to my heel. I can see it, feel it, and even wiggle my toes, but it might as well be on the moon should I try to reach it.

A skiing accident might give my condition some... Read more

To the Editor:

The other evening I had the privilege to participate in a meeting of the Ward 17 committee where I began to have concerns about how Councillor Maureen Feeney’s privacy is being treated.

I know she is a public official and... Read more

The theme of this year’s annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (the 11th anniversary was Feb. 7) is “It takes a village to fight HIV/AIDS.”

You got that right.

Since the earliest days of the epidemic, people from all walks of life... Read more

(The author is an instructor with the One World Youth Project, which sends “ambassadors” from UMass-Boston to work with students at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School on Columbia Road. The students — through Kelsey Warner— are responding to... Read more

Fuel Assistance. Head Start. Summer jobs for youth. Education. Career Development. After-school programs. Child care. GED programs. Affordable housing. Homelessness prevention. Housing court advocacy. Food pantries. Access to tax credits. Senior... Read more

Whether you are OFD (Originally From Dorchester), SFD (Still From Dorchester), or DBC (Dorchester By Choice), you fall into a very special group of people.

I fall into the category of OFD. I grew up outside of Fields Corner off Bowdoin Street... Read more

Parsing Sarah Palin’s crude acronymic reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address last week wherein he promoted his “Win the Future” philosophy was probably no problem for people who use computers and other electronic gadgets rather than... Read more

Beware the scammers who, using an unfamiliar name, send an e-mail out of the blue saying they need help urgently. The scams always beg for help, claim to be from someone, and insist that only an immediate infusion of a few thousands dollars can solve... Read more

My computer has been hacked into by some ingenious and diabolical people.  An e-mail was sent out from my e-mail address by someone who had broken into my computer. It claimed I was in Valencia, Spain, and had lost my money and cell phone and could... Read more