Letter to the Editor: Clearing up a misconception re: Humphreys Place dispute

To the Editor:

As an organizer with City Life/Vida Urbana, I have been proud to support tenants at 6 Humphreys Place in their fight against no-fault evictions. A building clear-out has been the goal of the current investor, Greg McCarthy, since he purchased the building in the spring of 2018. I thank the Dorchester Reporter for covering the public hearing at the Kroc Center on Sept. 23. Tenants from 6 Humphreys and almost everyone at the hearing insisted that Mr. McCarthy stop the no-fault evictions before he is considered for variances and permits on any new development. 

One misconception needs to be cleared up. Mr. McCarthy had the audacity to suggest he is evicting tenants for non-payment of rent.  In fact, tenants signed a letter to him in April 2018, right after he purchased, offering to negotiate a new contract and pay rent. Mr. McCarthy rejected this offer and began no-fault evictions against everyone in the building.   

He doesn’t want “rent”, which would establish a tenancy contract by state law. He wants to clear everyone out to make a big profit. Of course, he would love to get “use and occupancy” payments, which would establish no contract, repair no conditions, and help fund his legal costs to evict.

Of course, tenants are not willing to do that. Mr. McCarthy knows that at any time he could have signed contracts with tenants and gotten rent payments. He could get that tomorrow. 

Tenants at 6 Humphreys, like those in countless other buildings around the city, are not being evicted because they are not paying rent. They are being evicted no-fault despite being willing to pay rent. 

Steve Meacham, Organizer 
City Life Vida Urbana