I write to commend Officer Keaney

To the Editor:

As a Dorchester resident I commend Officer Mike Keaney for his personal and public involvement when a person, in a local store, made a public comment using the word “just” (Reporter, May 18). His article was very informative and well written.

If only more people educated or confronted people when they say or do something that is hurtful to others.  It takes courage to speak out, and Officer Keaney, out of uniform on a Saturday morning, did so.
As a member of the Codman Square Neighborhood Council, I hear from Officer Keaney at our monthly community meetings. And I always read his informative (and often humorous) reports of incidents in our community.

I have a comment about the letter from Ms. Frechette (Reporter, May 25).  I could not find three of the words she said Officer Keaney used in his article. Why is she putting other words in his mouth?

I encourage and hope more people follow his example. I am sure Patrick, his son, and Walter, Patrick’s  partner, are also proud of Officer Keaney.