City must lead on climate-change issue

To the Editor:

Since Donald Trump removed the United States from participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change, it has been heartening to see governors and mayors pledge to hold their states and cities to the standards of the agreement. Last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was one of more than 200 mayors who pledged to “adopt, honor, and uphold” the Paris agreement. Such commitments are vital at a time when the federal government is not responding to the threat of global climate change.

How will Boston adhere to that pledge and cut its emissions? “Renew Boston” is a great city program that help residents and small businesses achieve greater energy efficiency. However, our emissions goals cannot be met through efficiency alone. Boston must move toward more renewable power sources. Through Community Choice Energy (CCE), the city of Boston can use bulk purchasing power to buy renewable energy for residents and small businesses. Neighboring towns have adopted CCE to purchase more renewables, keeping prices stable. (For more information, see, a website sponsored by several local climate groups.)

Boston residents are looking for strong leadership on climate change. City Councillors Matt O’Malley and Michelle Wu are co-sponsoring an initiative to bring Community Choice Energy to Boston. If Mayor Walsh wants to honor last week’s pledge, his administration should implement this impactful policy.