Teacher: Keep the cap or face public school cuts

To the Editor:
As a long time teacher in the public school system I was very disappointed to learn about Governor Baker’s recent budget that guts early education funding and doesn’t come close to reimbursing district schools for the resources lost to charter schools.

Our state’s public schools lost over $400 million to charter schools last year. Public schools educate 96 percent of the students in Massachusetts. How are we supposed to provide quality education to all students without proper funding?

Lack of funding leads to bigger class sizes and fewer and fewer teachers. It leads to cuts in programs like art, music, and technology. School is supposed to be a place that inspires young minds, where they learn the skills to be productive citizens and make choices for their future. Without the proper funding we risk not giving all children access to a quality education.

Let’s make sure all of our students get the education and resources they deserve. Let’s keep the cap and vote no on question 2 this November.