The perfect home for NE Revolution: A stadium on the UMass waterfront

To the Editor:
What would serve to empty all the pubs of Southie and Dorchester on a Sunday afternoon? Only a New England Revolution soccer game at a UMass Boston adjacent waterfront stadium in Dorchester.

Pride and finesse of sport would be installed in the UMass students and Revs soccer, the international diplomatic calling card that serves to bond all nations, would have a new home. This new Revolution soccer stadium would give the team great pride in a new, right-size house.

The modern trend of international ownership of teams serves to support and develop players for new heights of accomplishment. International trading and transfer of star players to new teams and new leagues around the world certainly serves to build the game experience of both players and sports fans of soccer.

For the construction of the stadium by Robert Kraft, an agreement of partnership with the city of Boston in ownership would make available a discount bonding rate for construction costs and be a reliable, highly profitable source of new city revenue from part ownership of the stadium with Kraft. The UMass site on the waterfront is also ideal for scenic hotels and support malls and shops to add market share.

This new Revolution stadium would bring a new era of sport to Gaelic Boston in Dorchester.