Establishment: Take note of Trump’s win

To the Editor:

The Trump vote wasn’t as much a vote for Trump as it was a vote against the establishment. That’s how much fed up the majority of the American electorate is with a corrupt ruling class which does nothing for the country and everything to enrich itself.

The challenge ahead is to channel the anger and discontent expressed by the Trump—as well as by the Bernie Sanders—movements into grassr​oots organizing.

We must recruit good people to run for neighborhood councils; school committees; nonprofit boards; for city councils as well as for mayors, governors, and all public offices at local, county, state, and national levels.

Trump’s election changes very little. Big capital, big banks will continue to rule as usual. New enemies will be created, old ones​ resuscitated, and perpetual warfare maintained to assure continuity of the industrial-military-financial complex.

Perhaps there would be less danger of nuclear war with Russia under Trump that there would have been under Clinton.

For the rest of society the struggle continues as usual.