Alliances critical to stave off displacement

To the Editor:

I write in regard to the Oct. 28 article titled “Mismanaged Dorchester, Mattapan properties secured as affordable housing through non-profit purchase.”

As a member of the Dorchester Community, a homeowner, and a student majoring in social work at Bridgewater State University, I was extremely pleased to read about the efforts of tenants from 91-101 Waldeck Street and 25-35 Orlando Street to save their homes. The success of the collaboration of these tenants is a prime example of the value of civic unity.

With ever-rising housing costs, it is vital that we form alliances to protect our neighborhoods from development projects that do not include affordable housing.

The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF), which was created to provide resources to preserve affordable housing throughout the state, is another tool for local residents to use to ensure the existence of affordable housing in their communities.

Securing funds from this legislation for neighborhoods like Dorchester will contribute to the quality of our neighborhoods, which have for long been adversely impacted by mismanaged properties such as the ones highlighted in your article.