The St. William’s legacy: an update on current goings-on

Following are excerpts from an update letter sent via e-mail to those with a past or current association with the Saint William’s Scholarship Fund:
We want to let everybody know that we have changed the name of the fund from the “Saint William’s Band/Dominic J. Bianculli Scholarship Fund” to the  “Saint Williams Dorchester Fund.” We took this step for three important reasons: the original name was unwieldy; the Bianculli Family has respectfully asked that Dom’s name no longer be used (it is a painful reminder of a father lost far too soon); and we want our name to reflect the full geographic area we are trying to serve. We realize that many of you are connected to the fund because of your appreciation for the band and for Dom. We assure you that they have and will always remain a central part of our heritage and our mission.

Last year, we went from the euphoria of the 2011 Reunion to the reality of trying to manage and grow a non-profit organization in a difficult, but slowly improving economy. We will always have two simple, yet powerful goals for our organization:  to help Dot kids, and to honor the great names of Saint William’s Parish and St William’s Band.   We are working hard to raise the visibility of the fund throughout the Dorchester area, and trying hard to make sure that those great names remain a part of Dorchester’s heritage and culture.

Thanks to many of you, and to our business and political friends throughout Dorchester, we have grown from our inaugural $1,000 scholarship in 2011, to two $1,000 scholarships in 2012. We are currently advertising and accepting applications for our 2013 scholarships (application available for download on our website,

Last year, we began what we hope will become a permanent tradition: naming each scholarship in memory of a deceased person who went above and beyond the call of duty to show their love and dedication to Saint William’s Band and/or Parish. We invite you, SWB Nation, to submit nominations for remembrance as part of this year’s scholarship program. We will announce the results of your submissions on our website and give everyone the opportunity to endorse the two individuals you feel most deserving of this honor. Please use the contact form on our website to submit your votes.

Once again, we will be hosting a “Dorchester Social Evening and Scholarship Awards Ceremony.” It will take place on Sat., May 18, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Phillips Banquet Facility, 780 Morrissey Boulevard.

We are really excited about this year’s event, and respectfully ask that you reserve May 18th as  “SWDF Night.”   
Saint William’s Forever!

 Jamo Burke
Roger Croke
Cathy Mullin