Message at Mayor Menino’s brunch: “More than ever, we are One Boston”

Following is the text of remarks delivered by Rev. Jack Ahern, pastor of three Dorchester parishes, St. Peter’s, Holy Family, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, at Mayor Thomas Menino’s last annual brunch, which was held on Sunday at the IBEW Hall on Freeport Street:

The sun rose over this special place, this state of grace, our beloved city, this morning and it is a good morning for we stand together “Boston Strong.”

More than ever we are “One Boston” because our mayor lifted himself from his bed in our darkest hour to be with us offering comfort and consolation and the assurance that all would be well.

More than ever we are “One Boston” because our mayor lifted himself from his wheelchair and stood strong and shared with us his love, courage, and strength and in so doing gave us the sense that individually and collectively as a city we, too, would rise and we would endure.

As we gather this morning we are “One Boston” – thankful to God for the blessings he showers upon us in good times and in bad.

As the mayor reminded us in the darkest of days:

“Nothing can defeat the heart of this city … because we take care of one another.” … “It is a glorious thing the love and the strength that covers our city. This is Boston, a city with the courage, compassion, and strength that knows no bounds.”

For those for whom the Marathon of 2013 continues – the injured and the recovering, the grieving and the heartbroken (especially the Richard family from here in Dorchester) – may you know you are not alone. Ask for what you need and we will be there …as is God…who has never left your side.
Yes, we are “Boston Strong” and we with God’s grace move forward.

In this month of May … together with Police Commissioner Dr. Davis … there are many who are proud to call Boston their hometown being called to the glory of commencement exercises in our many colleges and universities. May God bless these graduates and may they in turn bless our city, our nation, and our world in the years ahead.

In this month of May … the mad scramble begins as a hoard of volunteers look for signatures for their favorite candidate in the hopes that in the New Year to come Mayor Menino … our mayor … will pass on his baton of excellence and innovation, compassion, and love for the city onto them. May these all too many candidates know the strength necessary to endure the race, knowing there are a few heartbreak hills in front of them.

In this month of May we celebrate the gift of our mothers – those still living and those whose love continues to touch our lives from beyond the grave. Let the example of their faith and love shine forth and grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them always with a spirit of profound respect.

Yes in this month of May we gather this morning to celebrate that we are “One Boston, Boston Strong.”

May God continue to bless this city and all who live, work, and recreate here.

May God bless our mayor with continued strength and healing. May God bless his wonderful wife Angela, their children and grandchildren, who are a source of such delight for them.

And lastly, may God bless us and strengthen each and all of us in his love and enable us to walk always in charity and peace.

We ask all these things in the name of God, now and forever. Amen.