Letter to the Editor: Inclusion and the S. Boston parade (cont.)

‘Appalled’ by exclusion stance

To the Editor:
Thank you for your Page One article entitled “Southie parade inclusion issue is state Senate campaign opener.”

As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I am appalled that the Veterans for Peace Organization has also been denied the right to march in the St. Pat’s Day Parade. I understand that the Allied War Veterans Council, the organizers for the traditional parade, do not want the terms “veterans” and “peace” in the same sentence.

My husband and I are both members of the Veterans for Peace and plan to march in the Alternative Parade, which follows the traditional parade.

Thanks to the many politicians who take a stand on this and refuse to march in the traditional parade because of exclusion. I urge people to stick around after the traditional parade and watch the Alternative Parade. It is a wonderful event and your attendance might give support for the idea of inclusion.

My husband and many of the members of Veterans for Peace fought for our country. It is a shame to exclude them. It is a shame to exclude gays and lesbians, peace workers, and activists who care deeply about our communities.

If you agree, let your voice be heard on this issue.
Emilia Rainwalker, Dorchester, MA