Letter: Candidate Tuitt merited more from Reporter coverage

To the Editor:

I write in displeasure about the article entitled "August 13 is D-Day for 12th House candidates: Dan Cullinane and Everett in aggressive campaign efforts."

I believe this article demonstrated bias on the part of the Dorchester Reporter because it gives the impression to your readers that there are only two viable candidates in the race for the 12th Suffolk District State Representative seat. Your headline alone is misleading and deceptive.

Your article provides the reader with incorrect and incomplete information. You suggest that the only two candidates working hard for this seat is Dan Cullinane and Stephanie Everett. You suggest that these candidates have a grass root story to tell and the article gives no real creditability to Ms Tuitt's military service record nor her community service work, she has unselfishly provided to both the community where she lives and the work she has been doing to let the voters of the 12th District know who she is.

You intentionally omitted or made no note of those that have decided to endorse her candidacy for State Representative, like; incumbent State Representatives and State Senators serving in the Massachusetts legislature, the Black Fighters, Mass Minority Law Enforcement Officers and various veteran organizations and its leadership.

Mary Tuitt is a community activist, she is a single mother raising a daughter and son, she is a United States citizen, she is a military veteran, and like both Ms Everett and Mr. Cullinane, Mary has worked behind the scenes in many neighborhoods throughout Boston helping to promote political and social empowerment to those who have felt left out and the issues they feel strong about, ignored. She is the former staffer to City Councilor Charles Yancey and currently serves as Chief of Staff to State Representative Gloria Fox.

I have know Mary for more than 15 years and as a constituent living in the 12th Suffolk District, I am proud to strongly support Mary's candidacy for State Representative.

Mukiya Baker-Gomez