Thomas disappoints with his White House stunt

Tim Thomas is a great goaltender and we’re glad he has played for the Bruins in recent years. But his decision to skip a team visit to the White House on Monday was ungracious and selfish.

Cory Schneider, the former BC Eagle from Marblehead who now plays for Vancouver, got it exactly right this week when he advised his NHL counterpart to “suck it up.” We wish that Thomas had listened to his Bruins bosses when they asked him to do just that in the run-up to Monday’s visit, which was timed to coincide with a game against the Washington Capitals.

Thomas set a poor example for young people— especially in places like hockey-crazed Dorchester —where he has been a hero. It’s not just about showing respect for the office of the presidency, either, although his deliberate absence was particularly striking since he is one of only two Americans on the Bruins.

It’s worth noting that while Thomas was typing his Facebook rant against “the government,” the president whose presence he can’t abide was green-lighting a daring Navy Seal raid that safely freed two hostages— including a fellow American— while killing nine pirates who held them captive. Does Tim Thomas have some objections to that decision, too?

No matter what he feels about our current president, or Congress, or anything else for that matter— Thomas belonged with his teammates on Monday. The presidential spotlight was something that the rest of the Bruins organization— to their credit—embraced. It’s too bad that their star goalie— who once seemed so admirable— turned out to be such a disappointment.

Thomas should apologize for his behavior, acknowledge his mistake, and let the team move on from the turmoil he created with his foolishness.

– Bill Forry

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