‘May you learn to get over it, get used to it, and get on with it’

The following benediction was given by Rev. James Savage, BC High Class of 1962, as he and his classmates lifted their arms in prayer and salutation to the newly minted graduates of the Class of 2012 at the school’s commencement exercises on May 20:

“We the graduates of 1962
of the era of Moriarty, Mahoney and Gilday*
salute you the graduates of 2012
... of the era of Hughes, Kemeza and Perry*
And we ask God’s blessing upon you!

“May your focus be small, zeroing in on those things that you can actually control,
like your manners, your temper, your values, and your spiritual growth.

“But may your acts be large-living lives: lavish in hope, extravagant in generosity, and ambitious in self-giving.

“May you learn to cope with failure, 
and delight in success.
May you learn to get over it, get used to it, and get on with it.

“Get over your mistakes and your failures – learn from them and don’t get stuck in them.
Get used to it – life is filled with loose ends, unfinished business, and persons and things that disappoint.
And get on with it – not only living but living well and doing what is doable and doing it now.

“May in the future you find not only a job but your vocation. May your greatest joy and satisfaction meet the world’s greatest needs.

“And in the spirit of this Jesuit high school, may you always excel for the greater glory of God and under the blessing of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit today and hereafter.

* In 1962, Jesuit Fathers Philip D. Moriarty, Ambrose J. Mahoney, and Francis J. Gilday were vice principal, principal, and rector, respectively, at BC High School. The school’s current administration includes President William Kemeza, Principal Stephen Hughes, and Rector Ron Perry, S.J.