One good turn deserves another

George Gilpin and Senator Jack HartGeorge Gilpin and Senator Jack HartLast month, George Gilpin — the president and CEO of Dorchester’s own Eascare Ambulance— was greeted at his office by Senator Jack Hart, who brought along a Senate Citation as a way of thanking Gilpin for his many good deeds in the local community. Below, Gilpin recounts — in his own words— the story behind the story. -The Editors

Although I had never met Jimmy Nee until recently, his name was certainly a name that I had heard before.

My father, also George Gilpin, traveled every day to his job at Domino’s in Charlestown riding the T. Since my Dad never had a driver’s license, he would commute almost 90 minutes each way back and forth to work from our house in Mattapan to the Domino Sugar Refinery in Charlestown.  His daily routine of transportation was the trolley into Ashmont, Red line to Washington, Orange line to Sullivan Station then a 10 minute walk to the refinery. Then, he’d reverse it on the way home.

Due to the length of his commute and sometimes being at the mercy of the T, my Dad would arrive home well after midnight after finishing his 3 to 11 shift.  Quite often though, the generosity of a ride home would make his commute a little easier.  He was always very appreciative of the kindness shown to him and would often mention the names of those who would give him a ride home.

A few months ago, I received a call from a friend of mine (Don Sugrue, also OFD) who asked if I could assist with transportation for his friend. His friend had recently been discharged home from the hospital after losing both of his legs due to diabetes and needed transportation to his appointments until a handicap ramp could be built at his house.

After agreeing to help and starting to write down the patient’s information, Don informed me that the patient’s name was Jimmy Nee. Immediately I told him that name sounded familiar as my Dad often mentioned Jimmy Nee from Savin Hill would give him a lift home. So I asked, did he ever work at Domino’s in Charlestown?

After learning it was indeed the same Jimmy Nee, I went on to tell Don how great Jimmy was to my father. Now, not only would I be helping Jimmy and a friend, I would be returning the favor for my Dad.  
After all these years, it really felt great to be able to help someone who has been so good to other people, especially my Dad.  

While Jimmy was rehabbing and waiting for the handicap ramp to be installed at his house, EasCare transported Jimmy back and forth to his medical appointments to his home in Marshfield. Lately, he has begun to drive again after having his car equipped as handicap accessible.   

On June 23 I was very grateful when Jimmy came to my office to personally thank me for providing his transportation. I was happy for him that he was feeling better and was able to drive himself to my office.  To my surprise, I was also very humbled when he presented me with a citation signed by the State Senator Jack Hart.

After all these years, we were both very happy to finally meet each other. When Jimmy was leaving, he asked me how long it has been since my Dad passed away. I answered , “Fourteen years ago today.” How ironic is that? I think my Dad planned it.  
– George Gilpin