Revenge ‘best’ served cold

It has become a yearly rite of passage in this space to express great indignation whenever our beloved neighborhood gets passed over on some foolish “Best of Boston” list. This week, we’re tempted again to pound the table and flail away at our friends across the boulevard who managed to generate two “Boston’s Best” stories in one week— one saluting the region’s finest pizza, another sandwiches. You know you’ve hit the summer doldrums when the Globe is writing — and we’re editorializing— about who serves the best bratwurst in town.

So, we’ll resist the temptation to harrumph about how put-out we are that Dorchester’s other newspaper has no love for our many fine pizza and sandwich joints. And we’ll refrain from exploding anew over the last major slight —when the Globe inexplicably left the famed Ice Creamsmith off of its “best” ice cream list earlier this month — a torch-and-pitchfork worthy oversight if ever there was one!

No, it’s not our style to wallow in angst over our Columbia Point neighbor’s apparent disdain for nearby eateries. We just hope that some day — when the Globe’s encampment on Morrissey has been transformed into high-rise condos with rooftop bistros — we might finally crack the list.

Tonight’s concert showcases Dot park, The Joshua Tree

Those looking for a fun summer outing close to home should make their way to Dorchester Park this evening. The Joshua Tree, a U2 tribute band, will play the Adams Street “bowl” starting at 7 p.m.
Many in Dorchester got a big dose of The Joshua Tree last year at the first-ever Adams Corner Irish Festival. The band closed the day-long October event with a great performance featuring many of the greatest hits from Bono and company.

This evening’s show is being staged in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Dorchester Park Association, which has endeavored to program at least one outdoor concert per summer in recent years. Unfortunately, the park no longer hosts the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, which played the upper ball-field the last few years. Tonight’s concert is the only one on the calendar, but weather permitting, it should be a memorable one.
– BF

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