Our community needs a voice

My name is  Divo Rodrigues Monteiro. I was born in Cape Verde Islands. First of all, there is a large Capeverdean community in Boston; and   I now  believe it is time for us to have our own voice at  State House. Secondly, I want to run because I want to  get involved in the political process.

I have been a resident of  the Sixth Suffolk District for the past eight years. As I go around the district, I have met some district residents who are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet because of the lack of jobs; and they are desperately looking for jobs.

If elected I will make jobs my top priority. I will propose that small business get tax incentives and tax credits to create more jobs; and I will ask State and Federal government for more funds for job-training programs. I will also extend the unemployment benefits especially for those people who are relying on these benefits to put food on the table and they pay their own bills.

I believe Government is for the people and about giving people the tools to help themselves to do their daily business; and I am ready and committed to making our Communities a better and safe  place to live, study and work. I support efforts to raise living standards and to promote good schools, safe streets and raising the minimum wages to meet the current living standards in this recession  time.

I also believe into higher standards and accountability in Education, but I oppose the use of a single test (MCAS)  for graduation requirement. I believe MCAS is designed to meet the educational needs of the upper middle class. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) can put  students who are  at risk such as low class, disabled and those who  English is their second language  at competitive disadvantage.  As a matter of fact, students who are speakers of languages other than English have much higher dropout rates than other students groups.

If I get elected I will work to close the achievement gap by asking State and Federal level  to provide us with more  funds, so we can provide schools across the Commonwealth with more resources,  educational tools  they need in order to get ahead in their education. In addition, I will support remedial programs for those students at risk (tutoring and after school program.) I  will also work to design Programs that meet the educational needs of diverse student population where every single student can learn at high level and succeed.

I am running because I believe our Community deserves a Representative that can understand our culture, our real concern, and issues such as: Jobs, Public Safety, Education, health Care, culture Elderly Issues etc  that we all facing in our Community. In this tough economic time, we really  need a leader that can stand up and fight for health care for all at an affordable price . A leader that can create and protect jobs and reduce the violence by working with legislator to limit the gun purchase for those that have license to carry the weapon.

I am running because I want to serve the people of the sixth Suffolk and turn our ideas into action to bring more jobs and safety to  our community that I deeply love and care. I have knowledge and life experience to create jobs and bring people together and move the Sixth Suffolk District forward.  I cannot do it alone; therefore, I am asking for your help, support and vote  to move our Community forward.  Please, vote for me on September 14 if you want our voice to be heard at Beacon Hill.

Please, spread the word around and  join me on this journey; so I can bring our voice of hope, vision,  values and result to the Beacon Hill; and together we can win to move our Community forward in the right direction.  I am looking forward for your vote on September 14,  and to serve and represent our Sixth Suffolk  District on this capacity. I believe together we can move our District forward.
 Your Vote is your Voice that we all can believe in!!!